Checkout-Sean Taylor 4.3

Sean TaylorAge: 17Height: 6’1″Weight: 140From: Carlsbad, CaliforniaSponsors: Rip Curl, Reef, Sector Nine, DSO, Bully’s, Lockbox


“Screw you, Sean Taylor!” If you ever meet him, yell these words at Sean. Why? Well, if you’re like me, you’re pissed that this seventeen year old has everything you ever wanted. Things like a lifestyle that includes numerous trips all year long to his family’s house in Mainland Mexico. A place where the legendary Mainland Mexican surf hero El Tigre takes him to all the pristine spots. And if that wasn’t enough, he comes at you with more such as surf talent, surf sponsors, a good surf school in a good surf town, nice parents, a nice car, and a nice-looking girlfriend. This kid has it all, so don’t be surprised if he pisses you off more by becoming famous or something like that.-A.C.