Checkouts – Cory Arrambide – 4.9Cory Arrambide


Cory ArrambideAge: 13

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 80 lbs.

Home: Ventura, California

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Roberts Surfboards, Spy, Globe, Creatures Of Leisure, Ventura Surf Shop, Sex Wax

When Cory Arrambide began the NSSA season this year, he probably had no idea he’d be breaking records and making NSSA history. By winning 23 contests, he surpassed Michael Taras’ record for wins in a single season.

How’d he do it? Well, for one, he surfs Rincon every day-he lives on a hill above one of the world’s best point breaks. He’s also mentored and coached by Ventura hero Sean Hayes. In Cory’s words, staying focused and not messing up are what’s important to him-he just wants to surf, compete, and have fun. “He’s probably one of the most humble kids I’ve seen,” says Hayes. “He doesn’t really know how to have confidence in his own ability, so he just pushes himself harder and harder to always improve and impress. He probably sees the surfer he wants to be ten years down the road-and that’s how he surfs every day.”-AC