Checkouts – Gavin Gillette

The endless pool of talent known as Kaua’i has produced another spawn of genetically superior surfing genes, and he goes by the name Gavin Gillette. The island that produced Andy, Bruce, Kamalei, Barca, Reef, Merle, and many more ultra-talented, freak-like surfers has spat out another winner. Gillette, a regular-footer from Kilauea, who just graduated from Kapa’a High, is thinking about making a leap across the Kaua’i Channel to neighboring O’ahu, where it’s easier to get recognized and surf photographers lurk around every corner.

Gillette grew up surfing Pinetrees on Kaua’i’s north shore and was under the influence of the Irons’ brothers brand of high-performance surfing from early on. “Those guys are definitely an inspiration around here, and we all look to them” says Gillette. Their influence may have paid off. According to Hurley Team Manager Kahea Hart, the kid has world-class skills and is headed for the big time. “The kid rips,” says Hart of his young teamrider. “He surfs really fast, and hopefully he’ll be one of the next Hawai’ians to qualify for the WCT.”

Gillette will be in California this summer surfing in the NSSA Nationals at Lowers and looking to make a name for himself away from home waters. After that, look for Gillette on the bustling North Shore of O’ahu, where it looks as if another spot in the already Kaua’i-boy-packed lineups will be taken by another amazing surfer from the “Garden Isle.”—Justin Cote