Checkouts – I Ketut Yoga Semadhi – AKA Mega


I Ketut Yoga Semadhi a.k.a. “Mega”

Age: 14

Height: 5'3″

Weight: 110 lbs.

Home: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Bruce Hansel Surfboards, Planet Surf North Shore

“Should I take out my five-two or five-eight” –Mega, before paddling out at a double-overhead and very crowded day at Rock Piles, North Shore, November 2003

Mega is a small kid with a big smile. His appearance is a bit of a bluff because in the water he's usually one of the most courageous surfers out there. He loves big waves. This is probably because he was born and is still being raised at Bali's famed surf break, Uluwatu. In the past couple of years, people have started to notice the small, dark-skinned Balinese kid with the big smile. You can hardly help it when you see a tiny figure on a tiny board take off on the wave of the day at Outside Corner or Padang Padang and stand straight up in the barrel showing absolutely no fear. Whether he makes the waves or doesn't, he always comes up with the same big smile on his face.

Mega got a chance to further feed his appetite for big surf when he spent the better part of last winter on the North Shore. He was out at all the spots, occasionally grabbing a missed set (usually a closeout that nobody else wanted). He even snatched a nice six-foot Pipe gem one evening after the Pipe Masters had finished for the day.

There have been many great surfers from Uluwatu, but none to really make it on the international scene. Critics claim that Ulu surfers are too spoiled by the perfect lefts, and when you put them in a more high-performance wave they can't perform. Mega has hushed those critics by spending time surfing Kuta beachbreak and Canggu. He's been stepping up the level of his surfing by pulling superman airs and doing nice, full turns. He also recently won the 2004 Rip Curl Bali Grom Search at one of the more high-performance waves in Bali. Mega has the talent, hunger, and drive to make it. Only time will tell … –D.Hump