Checkouts – Peter Devries


Every day 50,000 Canadian motorists drive by a huge full-color highway billboard of Peter Devries bottom-turning on an overhead wave at one of Vancouver Island’s wilderness breaks. The son of one of Canada’s original surfers, Peter is already a star above 49-degrees North and is well on his way to the pro-surfer dream life after an apprenticeship in the thick, god-awful-cold barrels of the island’s covert reef breaks. Exposed through Jeremy Koreski’s photos and a solid part in the film Numb, Peter has transcended an isolated upbringing and spent much of the past winter at Love Hodel’s house on the North Shore and in Indo with Betet and D.Hump. Devries is a complete postmillennial surfer: big carves, rail work, airs, and straight-ahead charging in barreling waves. He surfs more than anyone I know, dates beautiful older women, studies the sport with all the diligence of a computer nerd studying code, and does huge, stylish 360 airs off the closeouts at Cox Bay. Over the last year, Peter’s career has been taking off like crazy, and I put good money that by 25 he’ll be famous in the surf world. Either that or he’ll have disappeared into the darkest Indo setup in front of some reeling mysto barrel with Elisha Cuthbert or some other mega Canadian hottie by his side.—Malcolm Johnson