Chemistry Surfboards New Web Site Is Up And Running

The launch of the new is now in full effect. Check out the new, revamped website featuring all of the current board designs and t-shirts. The site is also being constantly updated and improved so check back daily. Don’t hesitate to visit one of the dealers in your area and fondle one of the many hand shaped models available. You can also now purchase tees online to improve your wardrobe., helping you surf better and look better!

About Chemistry:

Chemistry, its defined as a “branch of science dealing with the structure, composition, properties, and reactive characteristics of substances.” In 2001, a group of talented artists, shapers, and surfers from Oceanside, California combined their knowledge in a variety of elements to create the Chemistry collective—a circle of close friends established with the passion of surfing in mind. Professional surfers turned shapers, Jason Bennett and Michael Baron wanted to translate their experience and visions into their personal shapes. Being surfers themselves has helped in the effort to design equipment suitable for the beginner to advanced surfer. Using the lost art of the hand shape, they look at what they do as craft—from start to finish they’re sculpting the future. They also gathered the industry’s finest shapers to bring to life a novel concept in a world of gimmicks. Since then, we at Chemistry have continued our pursuit of surfboard science by staying innovative and keeping the art alive rather than just a business. We pride ourselves on being a company founded and operated by progressive surfers all unified in the name of the progression of the sport.

For more information on Chemistry surfboards call: 760-757-1432 or email us at