Chemistry Surfboards Signs New Jersey’s Mike Gleason

December 12, 2006–Oceanside, CA; After months of speculation and rumors, Mike Gleason has joined Chemistry Surfboards small and exclusive team. Hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey, Mike joins the team as the only pro rider from the east coast. Mike is a former Smith Optics Garden State Grudge Match Champ and one of Volcom’s “featured riders. “We decided Mike was a good fit for the program shortly after I spent time with him on a trip to France this past September with the Nixon team, says Jason Bennett. “He has a great attitude and is definitely one of the standouts in the water when the waves are good. Gleason joins Cheyne Magnusson, Thomas “T-Grom Clarke, Chris Abad, and Jason Bennett on Chemistry’s pro team. He will also have his own signature model board in Chemistry’s 2008 lineup. We look forward to keeping Mike on great hand shaped surfboards throughout his promising career.

About Chemistry:

Spawned in Oceanside, California from a collaboration of ideas and the passion of progressive surfing, Chemistry has continued to provide style and youth to the otherwise monotonous and lackluster surfboard industry.

In 2001, Jason Bennett and Michael Baron came together to start a brand focused on preserving the youth and catering to the progressive surfer. With the help of their close friends, artists, team riders, and even customers, the Chemistry Collective was born. Being surfers themselves has also helped in their knowledge of designing equipment suitable for the beginner to advanced surfer. By gathering a few of the industry’s finest hand shapers, and being innovative through design, they have brought to life a quality product in a world of gimmicks.

We pride ourselves on being a company founded and operated by progressive, open minded surfers building a product geared for high performance surfing. We also use the lost art of the handshape. Despite growing production numbers, Chemistry is one of the few surfboard manufacturers providing each of their customers with a true custom product.

We welcome you to Chemistry; allow us to merge our style with yours to create something that can never be duplicated.

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