Cheyne Magnusson And “Lords of Dogtown”

Maui’s Cheyne Magnusson was in the neighborhood last week and stopped by the TransWorld Surf office to say hi–and kick my ass in ping pong, before picking up some new boards from our neighbor, Chris Borst of Borst Surfboards. The kid has been busy of late–Hollywood will do that to a young man.

TransWorld Surf: What’s up with this Lords of Dogtown movie?

Cheyne Magnusson: It’s coming out in the summer of 2005 and it’s supposed to be a really big deal. I guess they got something like fourteen million dollars for advertising. The director is Catherine Hardwicke, she did that movie “Thirteen about kids in Hollywood who do coke and shit, and Stacy Peralta wrote the script and pretty much came up with the whole idea–the mastermind of it all. I play Jim Muir, aka “Red Dog. I pretty much just skate. They can show our faces because we know how to skate, but for the other actors they can’t show their faces because they can’t skate, they’ve got stunt doubles.

Who are some of the other people in the film?

The other skaters are Bob Biniak and Shogo Kubo and they’re played by Mike Ogis and Don Nguyen. Heath Ledger is in it, too–he’s really cool. He surfs and shit, we were talking about Maui, and he said he’s gonna come out to Hawaii this winter and surf.

You make pretty good money with this gig?

Yeah, yeah (laughs). I had to join S.A.G. (Screen Actors Guild) for it. You lift a finger and you’re getting paid. We get paid a weekly rate, and even if you’re not working that week–you get paid. There’re buffets everywhere, a catering service, and a full Subway sandwich zone where you go back and make your own sandwich. A lot of times we were getting paid to sleep and eat (laughs). It’s pretty sick!

Didn’t your dad (skate legend Tony Magnusson) just launch some crazy sixty foot ramp?

Yeah, he just did the mega ramp out in Temecula. I saw the footage and it’s fuckin’ gnarly. The guy is forty one years old, you know? I’m twenty one and I wouldn’t even think about going down the roll-in! He’s hardcore. He had this full biker suit on, with chest protectors and everything.

What are your plans for this winter? Are you going to be posting up at the Quiksilver house?

Yeah, I’ll be at the one across the street from Pipe. I got my name on the room with air conditioning already.

Who else stays there?

Ola Elogram, the Valiere’s, Justin Quirk will probably show up, a bunch of international guys, last year Antman (Paul Paterson) was there–lot of cool aussies stay there.

Will you be splitting time between there and Maui?

Yeah. Whenever it gets too big on the North Shore, I’ll be straight back home. I’ll go to Maui and just chill, and surf with friends where it’s way easier to get waves.

Your little brother Clay Marzo blew up this summer. Can you tell me about him?

He won the two Nationals(Explorer and Open). I knew it was gonna happen–it was just a question of what year. This past year he’s been stepping up big time and he’s taller than me already. The kid just lives and breathes surfing. He watches surf videos morning, noon, and night. I’m like “Dude, I want to watch something funny, like ‘Family Guy’, but for him it’s surf videos all day. He’s gnarly.

How old is he?

He’s fifteen. He’s got it all–airs, barrels, and he charges. Like reckless abandon charges, which is cool. He’s getting some chicks now, too—I was starting to question him for a while there (laughs)!