Cheyne Magnusson Wins Second Annual Nixon High Tide Hold’Em In Tavarua

The Nixon High Tide Hold’Em is an invitation-only event which pits some of action sports’ biggest names against each other in a series of friendly competitions ranging from poker to ping-pong, Guitar Hero to fishing and spear fishing along with two separate surf challenges. The format of The High Tide Hold’Em is friendly and informal and every event is peer-judged. The High Tide Hold’Em gives invitees the opportunity to showcase some of their talents in a variety of challenges that are not exclusive to surfing. 

Maui’s Cheyne Magnusson earned the overall winning title at this year’s event by consistently placing in the top three winner slots in three out of seven of the week’s events. Said Cheyne of his first time participating in the High Tide Hold’Em: “I am so psyched to have been a part of this year’s event. The main objective was to have fun and that took the pressure off! Being here was more like a vacation with your friends than a high-pressure contest.” Cheyne walked away with an armful of prizes which included a Mac i-book, an Olympus waterproof digital camera, a custom Riffe spear-gun and an invitation to next year’s High Tide Hold’Em event. 

The most competitive of the week’s events was the surf contest, which was won by Carlsbad’s Ricky Whitlock. During his week in Tavarua, Ricky consistently charged the hardest and was the most enthusiastic in the water, earning him the respect and votes of fellow participants at the event. Nipping at his heels for the top surfing title was Hawaii’s Casey Brown who nearly took the first place honors but missed out by only a handful of votes. Last year’s High Tide Hold’Em overall winner, Amion Goodwin, and Cheyne Magnusson tied for third place and rounded out the remaining slots for this competition. “Winning this one event was way better than winning any other surf contest I have been in,” explains an enthusiastic Ricky after having won the surf title. “I loved being a part of this trip!” 

2008 High Tide Hold’Em Events and Winners
Overall Winner: Cheyne Magnusson
Surfing: Ricky Whitlock
Fishing: Tito Ortiz
Spear-Fishing: Cheyne Magnusson
Kiddieland: Cheyne Magnusson
Poker: Romain DeMarchi
Guitar Hero: David Pope
Ping-Pong: Adam Warren

The 2008 Nixon High Tide Hold’Em roster included Romain DeMarchi, Hana Beaman, Claire Bevilacqua, Cheyne Magnusson, Dusty Payne, Casey Brown, Ricky Whitlock, Dylan Graves, Mike Gleason, CJ Kanuha, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, Leilani Gryde,, Mike Escamilla, Zach Miller, Joy Bryant, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson.