Cheyne Magnusson

Name: Cheyne Magnusson

Age: Sixteen

Hometown: Born in La Jolla, California, currently resides in Lahaina, Maui.

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Reef, Dragon, Matt Kinoshita Shapes, and Hi-Tech Surf Shop.

Is it true that your dad is professional skateboarder Tony Magnusson?

Yeah, he rips. He was world champ in ’89 for vert skating. He held the record for highest air.

How is it that you ride for Reef and your dad owns Osiris Shoes?

My dad started Osiris when I rode for Reef already. I’ve been riding for Reef for like five years.

How is surfing in California different from surfing on Maui?

Surfing in California is good ’cause there’re always people from companies around watching you, and there’re just a lot of people everywhere. Surfing in Maui is mostly underground. Like, you’ll go to a spot and there will always be some local friends out there. The waves are way better on Maui.

How would you describe your surfing? Who do you think you surf like?

I don’t know. Everyone tells me I surf like Pat O’Connell. I want to surf like a cross between Shane Dorian and Chris Ward. I like Chris because he does good airs. I like to do airs.

Frontside, backside airs – which one do you pull more?

Frontside. I hate backside. I can’t do backside airs. I suck at them laughs.

What’s the best you’ve ever done in a contest?

Probably the U.S. Championships last year. I got third in the boys’ division. This year I made it to the semi’s, and then I got a triangle interference call.

Do you surf the NSSA too?

Yeah, I won two back-to-back last year in Hawai'i. I got fouth in the regionals in Explorer juniors this year. Then I did the Nationals.

What is your take on amateur surfing?

I think amateur surfing is being run well by the USSF, and NSSA Hawai'i runs it pretty well, too. I have to say that the Nationals are not run very well. It’s very political. They have a lot of favorites; they push a lot of kids. When I was watching heats, it was ridiculous that some kids were making it through and other kids didn’t – just because of their name. It was real obvious to everyone.

Who are some of your favorite surfers your age?

My local friends – Kai McPhee, and Ryan Jung. Daniel Jones and Joel Centeio rips. He’s not my age, but my shaper Matt Kinoshita rips. He fricken kills it.

What do you hope to achieve between now and when you’re 21?

I’d like to try and step it up in contests. Maybe do a few WQS contests. I definitely wanna be in the Top Sixteen someday.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I wish. Maui girls suck. I hate them.