Children Find Human Head On Beach

As reported on BBC News

The discovery was made at the beach in Arbroath.

A woman’s head, hidden inside a plastic bag, has been found by children playing on a beach in Angus.

A human hand was also discovered about 50 yards away from the head on Seagate beachfront in Arbroath.

Two young sisters made the “grim discovery” at 1030 BST. They ran home and their mother called the police.

A Tayside Police spokeswoman said the force was attempting to identify the woman. It is not known if the body parts were washed up or dumped.

As many as 40 officers were involved in searching the stony beach for evidence.

The body parts were removed from the scene at about 1800 BST.

The officer leading the investigation said the forensic examinations to follow would be “fairly painstaking”. Detective Chief Inspector Graham McMillan said recent heavy rains in the area made it difficult to tell how long, if at all, the head had been in the water.

But he said inquiries would be thorough, with investigations continuing into the night.

He said: “We will shortly be conducting a more detailed examination of the body part which will be a fairly painstaking process.”

DCI McMillan said the children who found the remains were “fairly upset” and were being cared for by their parents at home. Mr McMillan added that there was no missing person locally that would “fit the criteria we are looking for”.

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