Chippa Wilson’s Flight To The Flats Air Comp Unleashed

Chippa Wilson's Flight To The Flats Air Comp Unleashed

Watch round 1 matchups at

So perhaps you've heard there's a new air comp that's been in the works the last few months. Well, it rolls out to the public today, and happens to be from the mind of one of the gnarliest air guys on the planet, Christopher "Chippa" Wilson.

He invited 12 of the best aerialists in the world (Josh Kerr, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Mitch Coleborn, to name a few) to compete head-to-head with one video clip per round, winners advance on.

Round one match ups continue to roll out this week with winners announced on Tuesday, May 21. Round 2 will kick off Wednesday May 22. Check the full invite list at the bottom of the page.

Here are the ground rules:
• Round 1 is best combo (air plus anything else, the air carries the most weight). Six guys advance into round 2.
• Round 2 is best single air.
• The three winners from round 2 go on a trip to Bali in June, along with one reader-voted wildcard for a week, where a video will be made and the final winner will be decided. The trip will also be featured in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF magazine.

We caught up with Chippa to pick his brain about the whole thing…

TransWorld SURF: How'd you come up with the idea?

Chippa Wilson: The idea just came from what I like doing—I love doing airs. Most of the air comps are on a day, or trip based. I wanted to do this one more skate style, head-to-head platform on the internet. So people can submit crazy clips and compete against each other.

This is unique in that it's one clip versus one clip.

Yeah this is head to head, with twelve guys competing. So the first round is going to be a combo, which is one air backed up with whatever else, a floater, chop-hop, a big pit, whatever. Half the field will be cut out from there. Round two is super simple, best single air, and based on how technical, high, and stylish it is. From there the top three go on a trip to Bali to hang and film a section. And the final winner will be best performance on that trip.

I've been talking to some of the guys about what clips they have and it should be pretty interesting. Like my mate Joel Ford, who's at home in Cabarita where I'm from, he rips. And then Josh Kerr is always gnarly, he'll have something crazy for sure.

So you're competing in this thing too, how's that work?

At the start I thought it was kinda weird to come up with the idea and then compete in it myself. I haven't got much really, so we'll see how I do. But I wanted to invite a big field of guys, like world tour guys, some guys from my hometown, and then free surfers like Dion. Everyone's gnarly, it's gonna be fun to watch.

Round 1 match ups
Heat 1: Albee Layer vs Evan Geiselman
Heat 2: Dylan Graves vs Dion Agius
Heat 3: Chippa Wilson vs Dane Zuan
Heat 4: Matt Meola vs Mitch Coleborn
Heat 5: Josh Kerr vs Ben Godwin
Heat 6: Balaram Stack vs Joel Ford

Watch round 1 matchups at