Chris Cote To Host Hour On Sirius Satellite Radio On Sunday

Listen to your favorite surf magazine Editor In Chief on the Faction channel on Sirius satellite radio.

Are you one of the rad people in the world who have Sirius satellite? If so, then you must tune in to Faction 28 this Sunday at 5 p.m. Pacific and 8 p.m. Eastern. Basically, Chris has an hour to do whatever the hell he wants and play whatever wild shit music he can. The set list is odd and the hosting was done in his garage at 2:00 in the morning, so yes, it got weird. Anyway, check out or for details. We'll try to stream the show on if we can, but it would probably be best if you just sacked up and got Sirius Satellite Radio, it's awesome. With shows like The Howard Stern Show, Jason Ellis Show, The E St Radio Channel, Hair Metal Nation, and so much more, it pretty much makes regular radio sound retarded.