Chris Cote’s Weekly Rant

My New Year’s Resolutions


  1. Actually surf sometime soon instead of checking it and realizing it’s too cold for a little baby like me.
  2. Go on a surf trip somewhere more than two miles from my house, maybe even take an airplane.
  3. Learn to fly on airplanes without getting shit-faced.
  4. Try a few turns instead of succumbing to my horrible Air Try Disorder. I just need to realize that my fat ass will never do airs like Taj Burrow or Andy Irons.
  5. Fix that ding on my rail instead of just putting stickers over it that fall off and pollute the ocean.
  6. Learn to enjoy my growing double chin otherwise known as my hot dog chin.
  7. Stop going to the bar at lunch.
  8. Give two hugs a day: one to a woman, one to a man (but just in a friendly non-sexual, non-grab-ass way).
  9. Get to work before ten a.m. everyday.
  10. Keep kicking Surfing magazine’s ass issue after issue.