Chris Ward Wins No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta

October 8/9, 2005

No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta presented by Converse

ASP/WQS 1 star event, $10,000

San Miguel, Mexico

Wardo Wins!

Chris Ward showed up to the No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta and got his 4thcareer WQS win and $2,500 for his efforts. The field was tough and mixedwith up and coming young pros against seasoned veterans. Ward took advantageof the 3-4 foot surf that San Miguel offered up over the weekend blastingairs and hard turns on the way to victory. The win wasn’t easy as RobMachado with his fierce backside attack had the lead for most of the 30minute final holding scores of 8 and 7 leaving Ward in need of a 9 or betterto take the lead. With eight minutes to go Ward picked off a set wave thatlined up down the beach and used it to launch one of his trademark airs and followed it up with a carving 360 on the inside. The judges agreed with the screaming crowd and awarded him 9 and change that gave him the lead for good. Machado finished 2nd , Matt King, who won this event a few years back got 3rd and Jeremy Sherwin posted his second 4th place finish in the Mexican Surf Fiesta. Ricardo Dominguez and No Fear marketing VP Britt Galland proclaimed the event a resounding success and vowed to make it even better next year by raising its status to a WQS 2 star event.