Citizens, Surfrider Foundation Call For Encinitas Plastic Shopping Bag Ban

WHAT: Surfrider Foundation’s San Diego Chapter will hold a press conferenceat noon on Sunday, June 8 to announce a citizen-led petition drive to askthe City of Encinitas to impose a ban on single-use plastic bags or atminimum, enact an ordinance aimed at reduction of their use. The increasingreliance on single use plastic shopping bags has led to a large and growinglitter problem, and plastic shopping bag litter poses special dangers formarine life. Banning plastic shopping bags is the most effective way toprevent them from becoming litter and doing damage to the environment.

The cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Malibu and Fairfax have passedordinances banning single-use plastic bags while other California cities areconsidering similar ordinances, and the momentum is gaining worldwide.Marine life, ocean currents and pollution do not have internationalboundaries. Ordinances have an effective way of getting people to changetheir habits.

WHO: San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation

WHEN: Noon, Sunday, June 8, 2008

WHERE: Encinitas Environment Day celebration, Cottonwood Creek Park, 95 N. Vulcan Ave., Encinitas

WHY: The increasing reliance on single use plastic shopping bags has led toa large and growing litter problem, and the littered bags pose specialdanger for marine life which mistake them for food.

If Californians cut their plastic bag waste in half, it would keep 73,000tons of rubbish annually out of our landfills, out of our oceans, and offour beaches.