C.J. and Damien Hobgood Partner With NSSA To Form Supercamp

(October 8, 2003) Fresh on the heels of their very successful Camp Hobgood, 2001 ASP World Champion C.J. Hobgood and twin brother, Damien, are announcing a partnership with the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) to host an annual Super Camp for six of the association’s best and brightest surfers.  The five-day-long clinic is slated to take place in early summer of each year, shortly before and timed to coincide as a tune-up for the NSSA’s annual National Championship event.

The inaugural Camp Hobgood was held this past June in Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica and included seven surfers – four boys and three girls – from various regions of the U.S.  The campers spent five days surfing with and learning from C.J., Damien and other visiting pros that included Shea Lopez, Phillip Watters and Peter Mendia.  Campers were also treated to cameo appearances from top amateurs Adam Wickwire, David Awbrey and Dylan Graves.

Unlike the original Camp Hobgood, which awarded participation through a Surfing Magazine-sponsored essay contest, the Super Camp will focus on those athletes who show potential to move on to the professional surfing world.  Preliminary plans call for the selection of two surfers from the East Coast, California and Hawaii, with the possibility of a seventh wild card slot available.  Super Campers will be selected by NSSA Executive Director Janice Aragon.  Selection will be based on skill level and competitive excellence with serious consideration given to Open Season performance and results in the Mens and Juniors divisions.

“The NSSA is happy to be involved with Camp Hobgood through the new Super Camp, said Aragon.  “It is a wonderful opportunity that we see as an ongoing training ground for the top NSSA surfers prior to Nationals and as a preface to a potential career in professional surfing….C.J. and Damien are leaders in our sport and great role models for our kids, she continued.  “They’re both past NSSA champions and remain actively involved with the NSSA through their contributions to our scholarship program.  I can’t think of two better people to run the Camp.  We’re excited about the possibilities of this new relationship.

Camp Hobgood was conceived by the Hobgood brothers as a means to educate promising surfers about competitive surfing and the life of a pro surfer.  “When you compare us to Brazil or Australia, the U.S. is pretty poor at developmental programs, C.J. said.  “Sure, there are lots of contests, but there is really little else to teach someone as to what pro surfing is all about.   Damien and I had a lot of people helping us early in our careers and we want to do what we can to help other surfers and see if we can play a part in getting some more Americans out on the WCT.

“C.J. and I have been very fortunate over the years and we see this partnership with the NSSA as a great way to share what we’ve learned with others, noted Damien.  “Camp Hobgood was a blast, and I think our Super Camp will take that experience to another level.

Current plans call for the Hobgood/NSSA Super Camp to be held in early-to-mid June of each year, depending on the ASP WCT schedule.  The exact location of the 2004 Super Camp has yet to be decided but strong consideration is being given to the little-explored waves of Nicaragua.

Janice Aragon
NSSA Executive Director