C.J. and Damien Hobgood Update Site For Summer

Fresh on the heels of their stunning back-to-back WCT victories at Teahupoo and Tavarua, C.J. and Damien Hobgood have added a fresh feel to their acclaimed Web site, www.hobgoods.com

Originally created in 2000, the twins’ site now offers even more copy and pictures, including unpublished shots taken last month during their South Pacific run of the ASP Tour.

Certainly one of the most popular Web sites associated with any individual surfers, Hobgoods.com averages thousands of hits a week. Fans routinely e-mail C.J. and Damien and are rewarded with personal responses.

“The internet gives surfers a chance to market themselves and their sponsors like nothing else, said C.J. “We’re constantly having to throw in new photos and stuff to keep it appealing, but it’s something we enjoy doing.

“Getting e-mail from people helps us keep in perspective with what other surfers are thinking or what’s being perceived anyway, Damien remarked. “We have a lot of downtime traveling or between events so there is plenty of time to answer e-mails.

The Hobgood brothers’ consecutive victories last month marks the first time siblings have ever achieved such a feat. The wins propelled C.J. to number two on the ASP rankings and Damien to number five — another first as brothers have never before been ranked in the WCT’s top five.

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