CJ Hobgood Reports From Rio De Janeiro


There could be worse places to be during a flat spell than Rio De Janeiro… Photo: ASP

CJ Hobgood Reports From Rio De Janeiro

Claims, butts, hangovers, and good vibes from South America's finest city

"Did you see Teahupo'o?" That's what every surfer, web-surfer, construction worker, computer programmer, doctor, bum, and grom have been yelling for the past few days. Yep, Teahupo'o has been the cat's meow in the surf world for the last few days. Did you guys forget that there's a World Championship Tour event going on right now in Brazil? Well, the waves haven't been cooperating quite yet, but now that Teahupo'o has gone from 50 to 20 feet, we can peel our eyes off our computer screens long enough for a quick update on the Billabong Rio Pro—from a guy who would have no doubt been frothing to get some during this week's Teahupo'o Super Swell: C.J. Hobgood.—Chris Coté

TransWorldSURF: Give us the scoop—what have you guys been doing in Brazil besides taking Instagram photos of each other?

CJ Hobgood: Tennis, workouts, checking out every little wedge in Rio, movies, mall, and Damo went to the favela yesterday with a few of the boys. They did a little surf school thing with Billabong the other day. Oh, and Acai bowls everyday.

Taj Burrow

Taj Burrow and his trainer Johnny Gannon his the streets of Rio. Photo: ASP

That’s nice. Who’s been partying their butts off in Rio? Throw somebody under the bus for us…

CJ Hobgood: Rondog (contest announcer Ronnie Blakey) looked pretty hung dog this morn. Haha! A few of the 'QS guys just started showing up, grabbing some honeys that they must have met last year. Us WCT guys gotta live through the QS dudes when it comes to partying.

How butt hurt was everyone watching the Tahiti stuff online? At least, the people like you who would've actually surfed those waves.

I’m pretty good with it, but I was thinking guys like Slater, that have to be at every swell, must've been twitching.

What happens if the waves just never come? Does everybody get equal 33rd or something? Has that ever happened?

We all got equal ninth one year in Portugal so I’ve seen it happen. But we got waves coming probably be some onshore wind with some rain and everything. Florida style I guess. It's all good though. Vibes been pretty good. I was talking with Wilko and Fletch this morning and we be saying we don’t want the comp on cause everyone’s been so chill, relaxed, and cool. It might kill the vibe if they start the comp, then everyone gets serious again.

Sebastian Zietz

It’s never too small if you’re a Seabass! Photo: ASP

When the waves do come, there are gonna be some rad claims, have you and the boys been practicing doing some new claim styles? How do some of the more claimey guys on tour train for claims?

True dat! It's pretty easy though cause everywhere you look in Brazil there's a soccer game on and you just watch and take notes from the soccer players when they score a goal and try to incorporate their claims into your routine.

Nice. I strongly think you’re gonna win this thing, but if you don't, who's looking good to take the shoulder ride up the beach in Rio?

Jordy, Mick, Joel, Kelly, Taj, Julian going out on a limb here I know haha.

Good luck homie, kick some ass!

Thanks guys, talk to you soon.


Might as well bronze while waiting for the swell to fill in… Photo: ASP