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March 24, 2005 Irvine, CA. The Billabong Jack McCoy Film Festival launched in the U.S. in 2004 to bring surf films back to the big screen, and will return this April and May touring theaters throughout the USA.

“When I was a kid growing up in Hawaii, there was no VHS or DVD, so the only surf movies we saw were shown at the local theater, which only happened once or twice a year, said McCoy. “To share surf films with the world on the big screen is an important way of contributing to today’s surfing culture.

Headlining this year’s festival is Fair Bits starring Taj Burrow who is one of the greatest free surfers in the world. Fair Bit’s World Premiere screened to an audience of 3,000 people in Taj’s home country of Australia in January, kicking off the international tour. The Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival will tour the U.S. hitting 27 cities as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

Fair Bits is a selection of short surfing films featuring collaborative efforts from seven different filmmakers. Teaming up with Hollywood directors Emmett and Brendan Malloy (September Sessions, Shelter), Burrow’s Fair Bits takes viewers on a journey of dreams and discoveries around the globe.

“I put every ounce of my being into movies, and I am extremely proud and stoked with the finished product, said Burrow. “It brings some unique and fun elements to surf films, and I have to thank Emmet and Brendan Malloy for all their creative help and insight.

This summer’s festival will also feature McCoy’s surf cult classic Bunyip Dreaming on the big screen. Bunyip Dreaming is touring with the 2005 festival to celebrate the best of Jack and it’s soon to be digitally re-mastered release. A Bunyip is an imaginary creature of Australian legend, which is said to haunt swamps and ‘Billabongs.’

As McCoy views the film 15 years after the making, he can only smile as he watches some of the starring surfers ride perfect waves all day long with not another person for miles. This classic has inspired surfers far and wide to explore the epic Australian breaks. The film not only features legendary surf stars Mark “Occy Occhilupo and Rabbit Bartholomew, but also Munga Barry, Luke Egan and the late Ronnie Burns. This is vintage McCoy at his best. The film has everything including 80’s fluoro orange board shorts.

The Surf Film Festival screened to an audience of 55,000 people across 10 countries in 2004 will once again be taken across the seas in 2005.

The Festival tours America, with stops in Canada and Puerto Rico April 6th through May 16th. For further information please visit

APRIL 6TH — MAY 16TH 2005


April 6 Newport Beach, CA. Big Newport
April 7 La Jolla, CA. Museum of Contemporary Art
April 8 Encinitas, CA. La Paloma Theatre
April 9 Encinitas, CA. La Paloma Theatre
April 10 Huntington Beach, CA. Pierside Pavilion Theatre 6
April 11 Hermosa Beach, CA. Hermosa Beach Play House
April 12Santa Monica, CA. Nuwilshire Theatre
April 13Santa Barbara, CA The Arlington Theatre
April 14San Luis Obispo, CA The Fremont Theatre
April 15San Francisco, CA The Balboa Theatre
April 17Santa Cruz, CA The Del Mar Theatre
April 18Vancouver, Canada Revue Theatre
April 20San Juan, Puerto Rico Teatro Metro
April 23Houston, TX Rice Media Center
April 26Pensacola, FLSilver Screen
April 28Jacksonville, FL Pablo 9 Theatre
April 30Daytona Beach, FL Ocean Walk 10
May 1Cocoa Beach, FL Cocoa Beach Playhouse
May 2Melbourne, FL The Henegar Center for the Arts
May 3Jupiter, FL Jupiter Stadium 18
May 4Ft. Lauderdale, FL Cinema Paradiso
May 6Wilmington, NC Level 5 City Stage
May 7Virginia Beach, VA Surf and Sand Movie House
May 8Ocean City, MD Fox White Marlin Theatre
May 10Manasquan, NJ The Algonquin Theatre
May 11New York, NY Clear View Cinemas (62nd & Broadway)
May 12Neww York, NY Clear View Cinemas (62nd & Broadway)
May 13West Hampton Beach, NY Performing Arts Center
May 14Bay Shore, NY Boulton Center
May 15Newport, RI The Opera House
May 16Exeter, NH Ioka Theatre