Closeout/Epilogue 4.1

You’ve probably just finished reading (or have thumbed through) another fine issue of TransWorld SURF. Did you like it? Was it entertaining? Did it meet your expectations? We certainly hope it did because our staff put in about 48-hours worth of long-ass meetings in hopes of nailing a new format-this being the first issue of our fourth volume of TransWorld SURF and all. I usually tend to compare things from a completely different perspective, so the latest comparison I’ve discovered is a similarity between our magazine and the infamous rock group Black Sabbath. The band’s fourth album came out at a time (1972) when the music world was drastically changing-a new decade had rung in, and the band was in the midst of a major metamorphosis as well. Sabbath’s first three albums, Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (late 1970), and Master Of Reality (1971) were highly touted by critics as sonic masterpieces, so Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler decided to reinvent Sabbath’s sound in order to step things up a few notches. Hence, the band’s fourth album, Vol. 4, was hailed-it marked a milestone for the band, and for rock ‘n’ roll in general. Never before had Black Sabbath’s sound been so complete.Fast break to 2002: TransWorld SURF has started its fourth volume-this issue you’re looking at being Volume Four, Issue One. After three great volumes, we (just like Sabbath) have decided to step things up a bit, so we refined our look and direction of the magazine. So without further adieu, we’d like to formally introduce you to our fourth volume of TransWorld SURF magazine. Hopefully, you had as much fun looking at all the past issues as we did making them.-A.S.

Next issue on sale February 12, 2002 at only the finest surf shops and newsstands around the world.