Coast Guard Wins First Surfrider Foundation Of Massachusetts Team Challenge

Nantasket Beach was the site of the First Annual Surfrider Foundation Surf Team Challenge, held this past weekend. Eleven teams participated in the competition, which featured the top surfers from the New England area. The surf cooperated, as a swell of 2-4 feet, gave competitors plenty to work with. The winning team represented the Coast Guard, based on Cape Cod.With Osiris Torres tearing it up on the shortboard, and Peter Pan styling out on his longboard, the team scored 71 points, to top Team Cape Cod in the final heat. The Cape Team was the early favorite, going into the last round. Local shaper Roger Beal led the team with 15.5 points, but the rest of the squad could only manage a total of 63.5 points for the second place decision.

The University of Rhode Island Surf Team finished in 3rd place, with 58 points, for their best showing in recent years. The team of Mike Geremia, Kiernan Brtalik, And Tom Pomposelli, racked up consistent points on long rides. The local team from Hull, Team Humrock, finished up in the 4th position. Billy Martin and Bob Pollard, both of Marshfield Hills, led the squad with 11 and 12 points respectively.

The Surfrider Foundation of Massachusetts held a cook-out and raffle following the competition, at a member’s house near the contest site. Over 150 members participated in the event. The contest was sanctioned and run by the Eastern Surfing Association, for the Surfrider Foundation. The event was sponsored by Peruvian Surf Designs, a surf clothing company based in Rhode Island.

For more information, contact the Surfrider Foundation Chapter of Massachusetts at P.O. Box 462, Astor Station, Boston, Massachusetts 02123-0462. Contact Surfrider by email, at

Final results are as follows:
Final Results of the First Annual Massachusets Surfrider FoundationTeam ChallengeHeld in 2-4 foot, glassy surf at Nantasket Beach, Hull, Massachusetts onOctober 4-5, 2003. Sponsored by Peruvian Surf Designs and the ESA.

1.Coast Guard- Osiris Torres, Peter Pan, and Joel Ballezza 71 points
2.Team Cape Cod- Marc Angilillo, Roger Beal, Olaf Valli, and Ron Belanger 63.5 points
3.University of Rhode Island Team B- Mike Geremia, Kiernan Brtalik, and Tom Pomposelli 58 points
4.Team Humrock- Steve Hassett, A.J. Hassett, Billy Martin, and Bob Pollard 52 points
5.Team X of Hull- Kyle Nilan, Parker Wiseman, Steve Walsh, and Mike DiNipoli 47 points
6.University of Rhode Island Team A- Colin Hynes, Dave Bonanno, Brian Thompson, and Gifford Plume 45 points
7.Wear and Tear Surf Shop- Jesse Rodriquez, Ian Garland, Jeremy Chavez, and Andy Valliancourt 46 points
8.Holy Cross College Team- Colleen Bosivert, Katie Ryan, Farrow Gemma, and Grace Krahforst 34.5 points
9.Nantasket Surf Brothers- Luke Ryan, John Ryan, and Tee Smith 33.5 points
10.Norwell High School- Chris Riihimaki, Mike Valenesius, Jim Barrett, and Dave Neves 32.5 points
11.Surfrider Team of Massachusetts- Eric Dahlstrand, Dana Vaughn, John Rutter, and Carol Tobian 31 points