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As a part of our annual Girls' Issue, we asked the best female surfers in the world questions that few would dare to ask. Can you believe someone once called sweet little Coco the "C" word and that she beat Clay Marzo in a heat when they were groms? Read on young grasshopper…

Coco HoWhat's the funniest or worst swimsuit malfunction you've ever had?

I have to say the bottom turn at Snapper Rocks kind of killed me this year.

Bottom turn shots?

Yeah, Snapper, because it's so close to the beach everyone sees everything!

Too much information?

[Laughs] Yeah I was like 'I'm going to wear bigger bottoms.' You don't know really until you see the pictures and then your like 'holy shit!'

Coco Ho

Do you think the top woman could win a Men's WQS 4 Star?

Heck yeah!

Is having a girl compete in a men's event good or bad for surfing?

I've never really done it. Well, I did when I was a kid and I beat Clay Marzo. I don't really see the point though.

Do the top girls get paid more than the bottom guys on the World Tour?

Yeah, I think so. Sorry boys.

What's the stupidest and/or meanest thing a guy has ever said to you in the water?

I got called the "C" word out at Winkipop.

Harsh! That guy's lucky your Dad wasn't out there with you that day.

Yeah and then he was all bummed because I called him a kook.


Have you ever used your body to distract a guy in the lineup in order to get a wave?

[Laughs] I always think about that when I crank up my bottoms but I don't know if it's ever really worked or not.

What's the biggest board you own?

6'8". I have Mason's boards if I ever need bigger.

How do viral videos of surfer girls dancing in their underwear affect the sport?

Are you talking about us? Because we weren't in our underwear!

Okay, in their bikinis.

I don't know. We got so much publicity out of that and so many comments about how it's changing women's surfing. But I don't know, I feel like it's nothing new—we do that everyday. To get the reaction that we did out of it was really weird. I was like, 'Wait we have like ten of these videos!' It shows everyone's true colors and personalities and how close we all are.

That's awesome. Yeah, you guys have like 100,000 views from that clip alone.

Yeah, my blog alone got like 170 comments in Portuguese. It's crazy!


FYI this next question is pretty funny, but a lot of guys want to know this stuff: Is it hard to surf with boobs?

No, they've never really gotten in my way. You might have to ask Lisa [Andersen] that question.

What is your biggest fear as a surfer?

I think life after the World Tour is pretty scary to think about.

Like what you're going to do for work and stuff?


You're going to have to get a job!

Totally! I've seen a lot of people go through it lately and it's scary.

Another weird question—Is there really a worry to surf sharky areas while it's your time of the month?

No, I don't think it's as if I got cut, or at least that's what I tell myself.

Yeah Laura Enever said that you guys googled it.

If I don't want to surf and the photographer is being annoying, I definitely use it as an excuse.

Well now you just ruined your excuse!

I know. I do it to Jason Kenworthy [Nike photog] all the time.

Who will be the next pro surfer to pose for Playboy?

[Laughs] Laura Enever!