Coconut Wired for 3/10

Springtime is the best time of year on the North Shore. There has been a constant west swell running for two straight weeks, whales are breaching just outside the surf, and all the pro’s are taking off for Australia and other locales. Lineups have been literally barren of late, with one afternoon completely empty at Pipeline- and four feet. Another Northwest swell is hitting today (monday) and is expected to reach double overhead.. When will it end?

The team house occupants are all getting ready to repair the damage, clean up the beer bottles and look for somewhere else to live. Poor Strider from Quilsilver has to go get on a boat in Indo and then shoot over to Tahiti for some Teahupo’o barrels. Rough life that pro surfer deal. The Volcom house will need a bit more repair than most others, but not as much as last year when graffiti covered the walls and bodies had to be physically removed.

Pipeline ripper and role model Pete Johnson and his beautiful wife, Jen, just had their first baby, Thatcher Rock Johnson. Look for the grom to be owning Backdoor and Pipeline in a couple years. Speaking of the Johnson clan, bro Jack was spotted early one morning at Backdoor getting tube after tube- the best rock star surfer in the world hands down.

Be on the lookout for undercover cops at Ehukai. Seriously, a new show entitled “The Break” is being filmed locally and Kauai surfer and Esquire model Kala Alexander is playing an undercover cop. Now that he’s got the law on his side we’re really in trouble…

Jeff Doner has been taking some Pipe bombs on the noggin’ filming for his new flick Amplified 2. Look for some crazy footage of Tamayo and the rest of the boys ruling Pipe.