Coconut Wired for 3/17

Weird variable winds and strange swell directions have made this an unremarkable week of surf. It has been blowing out around noon and destroying the morale and drive of most surfers. Still, the water is warm, the sun is shining, and it’s spring break. I hear there are loads of co-eds in Town, maybe that’s where everyone has been.

There is a strange tale going around about Danny Fuller being held hostage by a deranges Aborigine in West Oz. Where are you Fuller? On a lighter note, Pipeline rusher and all out hellman Jamie Sterling celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 14th with a raucous party up in the hills above the North Shore. Happy Birthday Sterlz, you rule!!

We are in the midst of the Women’s World Championship of Bodyboarding waiting “period” (ha ha), and the girls are everywhere. It’s so fun watching forty Japanese and Brazilian sponger girls “surf” Pipeline, it’s even more fun when they shriek at you and call you off a wave. The 1st Annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Experience is also waiting to be held. The bodysurf contest is put on by the North Shore Lifeguard Association and Bud Light, and is open to all. Look for TransWorld staff photographer Wyatt Tillotson to kick ass on everyone.

Triple Crown Rookie of the Year Tory Barron had an unpleasant experience at Backdoor last week. Flying through the barrel of a five footer, he was just about to come out when he got lipped and cartwheeled over the falls headfirst. After smashing his face into the reef not once, but twice, he surfaced to find his grill rearranged. He quickly got to Dr. John Jones, patriarch of the Jones surfing clan, who stitched and wired up his mouth. Ouch. Tory is a tough fucker though, he’s is already back in the water, minus one front tooth.