Coconut Wireless: Getting Smashed On The North Shore

Perfect three-to-four foot waves everywhere, sunshine, light trade winds, what a bore! Damn we’re lucky to live here, and I know it, but you can only eat pizza so many days in a row before it stops tingling your taste buds and getting you excited for dinner. That’s an analogy of how this past week of waves was for me. Rocky Point is my home break/backyard, but I can’t say repetition of anything ever stays fresh. There’s gotta be some sort of break from the norm, so instead of surfing Rockies for the 55th time this week, my tow partner Justin Lambert and I went down to Ke’iki shore break for some afternoon body surfing. The sandbar wasn’t ideal, and the waves were crashing right on the beach, so body surfing and breaking our necks wasn’t the smartest idea…

Justin Lambert's unique big wave training regiment at Ke'iki shorebreak.

Justin Lambert's unique big wave training regiment at Keiki shorebreak.

Justin (right) is a show-off and will sometimes get us into trouble when towing into huge waves, but this day all I had to do was a little coaxing, point, and shoot. I definitely had more fun at Ke’iki than battling the current and crowd at Rockies, enjoy the carnage!—Flynn Novak via the Coconut Wireless