Coconut Wireless: Is The Dream Dead?

Is The Pro Surfing Dream Dead? That and a North Shore update from Flynn Novak via the Coconut Wireless

Here we go again, the North Shore winter season is at hand…coconut-wireless

I was made aware of this when I noticed about 10 visiting surfers following my every move in the shifty lineup at Rocky Point the other day. The current was strong, the waves were inconsistent, and I had numerous human obstacles to avoid…well all right, here we go again! I gotta get back into the groove of evading other surfers in the lineup with false movements and smokescreens. But aside from this and the traffic factor, I love our North Shore winters more than anything. You have to love it; otherwise you’ll go insane from hating it so much! At least that's how I work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person, but I can’t be genuine with everyone, every single second of every single day. I need outlets and getaways in order to re-group and step back from the chaos of the battlefield on the ‘Northern Front.’

This past week saw a series of smaller scaled north swells sweep the sand back onto the reef at Pipe. There was a ‘sandbar craze’ as everyone and their uncle’s were frothing on the newly formed sandbars around Ehukai Beach Park. The sandbar craze is still going on, even though the waves there aren’t much to froth over. The weather was mostly overcast and rainy this past week, greeting all the annual newcomers back to the North Shore in a somewhat soggy fashion.

I recently read a piece on about recent Xcel Pro winner Hank Gaskell, that I feel everyone should read, check it out at

Here’s a quick snippet: “Why doesn't Hank have a sponsor? It's the simple and ugly fact that he's from Hawaii. The argument against him is, you can't market a Hawaiian outside of Hawaii. If Hank were from California or the East Coast and had the same accomplishments there would never be a lapse in his sponsorship. Industry insiders will most likely deflect this criticism and blame his lack of sponsorship on the economy. But, they would be hard pressed to name a mainland surfer of equal stature who is also without sponsorship.”—from

I really like how Andrew Oliver broke the industry down with his piece. I have to agree with him on his opinion regarding pro surfing in Hawaii in the article entitled  “Why Hank Gaskell Matters” Here are a couple Hawaii groms and Daniel Jones (with his nephew Spike) their thoughts on "Is The Pro Surfing Dream Dead?"—Flynn Novak

So what do you think, is it harder for Hawaiian kids to get sponsored and recognized than their Mainland counterparts? What about other areas of the world like South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, etc.?