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After last week being teeny tiny at best, this week was a splash of refreshment for waves and weather. Three to four foot north-west swell after swell, with light winds and sunshine all day, made it seem as though small wave spots like Rocky Point and Sunset Point couldn’t have been better. It was mainly just the neighborhood during most sessions aside from the influx of grommets who swarmed to the North Shore for the Pro Junior and NSSA events at Sunset Point.

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By this time of year, most serious North Shore surfers have assessed their quivers of surfboards and made arrangements for filling the gaps. I finally got my Owl Chapman 10’5″ single fin, glassed by Steve Mathews at Third Stone at the Haleiwa Sugar Mill. That was my missing gap in my quiver, and the summer-long wait was worth it because it came out perfect and it’ll have a little time curing before our first 20-foot swell of the winter.

We had a couple small days in between each swell last week, so we fired up my tow partner’s jet ski and zoomed around with a little board made for the Wave House in San Diego. It worked well behind the ski, and the straps helped while launching over waves. It was a perfect day for running the ski, as well as washing out the cobwebs and perfecting our rescues and pickups. Check the clip below...--Flynn Novak via the Coconut Wireless

About the author: Flynn Novak is a 26-year old professional surfer born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu and second-generation surf scribe. His father, Walt Novak, was a regular contributor to numerous surf publications in the 80s and wrote the hilarious "The Haole Substitute" novel. One of the most progressive and hardest-charging surfers on the North Shore, Flynn will be providing us with a weekly update from the epicenter of surfing all winter long.