Coconut Wireless: The Circus Is Gone

The North Shore climax has been reached and this wonderful destination will be forgotten in a week. Everything has gone the way the media and spectators wanted it to; with thumping huge waves, victory and defeat, drama and random happenings, all followed with party pictorials featuring the same trogs from the last victory party a week before… What ever you’ve seen or heard, don’t believe the hype! Yeah, you may have witnessed some ripping footage and scandalous photos that paint a picture of perfect ‘babes and waves, bikini’s and martini’s, but the North Shore ‘Scene’ is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when they claim it’s over once the scaffoldings break down.


Usually the Winter Circus Show tends to drag on, but in my opinion, the 2009 winter season blew out faster than a Starbucks coffee will make you take a shit. The surf continues to pump through, and we’ve had the most consistent December I’ve ever seen. So far, there have been 3 swells above 15 feet, and the downside of those haven’t been very down. Pipeline has even had some great moments. It’s times like these that make me appreciate the fact that I can stay home and still ‘get the job done.’ The best part about this appreciation, is realizing that the winter waves will be consistently cracking along the North Shore until about the end of April… so we’ll be soaking it up in trunks, while just about everyone else will be restricted in their thick full-suits and booties.

Like you can predict the Pro’s ravaging Pro-ho’s, another huge swell is predicted to smash our coastline and bring us more thrills, but possibly just as damaging and deadly as the ones passed amongst careless singles. Haha, analogies are the shit, and so is living on the North Shore!—Flynn Novak