Coconut Wireless: The North Shore Update With Flynn Novak

Coconut Wireless: The Triple Crowd, Alana And Her Thong Take On Sunset, And A Large North Swell Pounds The North Shore Of Oahu

I feel really lucky to be living my life. I think I started realizing this again when Thanksgiving rolled around. The whole world needs a holiday every quarter year where ‘being thankful’ is the theme. Once a year isn’t good enough because, over time, people tend to forget and take everything for granted. I trip out when I realize my job is to surf and live the dream everyone else wants to live, you know, "the good life" where being on it consists of checking the swell charts and planning photo and video sessions accordingly. The money may not be the best, but the fun and pleasure is, and I’m living it up while I can!

It’s also flattering to be born and raised in a place that everyone regards as a perfect vacation destination—that’s why I haven’t been fretting the cold blustery weather lately. It helps to remember that I’m not on a two-week stay, and know the wind and weather will eventually pass. By that time, most of the "Triple Crowd" will be gone, and only the locals will be enjoying the roads and lineups again. But for now…it's Showtime!

This past week had all types of weather, sizes, and conditions spicing up the surf scene on the North Shore. The day before Thanksgiving saw some hefty bombs rolling through select locations that picked up a more of the North swell. The biggest spots were solid 18-feet, while sheltered places like Waimea Bay were 10-12 on the largest sets. "Ke Iki Shorebreak Trainer" Justin Lambert and I scored a tow session at Phantoms practically to ourselves for about three hours, while other places like outside Rockpiles and outside Alligators rewarded our friends with 300-500 yard long rides.

Before and after the "Big Wednesday", Rocky Point and Off The Wall saw a ton of monkey’s swinging around for their sponsor’s two-page ad shots. I was one of them, even though the only ad’s I get are 2/3 of a page…haha! It wasn’t easy performing in front of the cameras though, much less staying in front of them, as the current was vigorously pulling down the coast towards Haleiwa.

“I can’t believe that Alana Blanchard was wearing a thong in her heats at solid Sunset!”

Aside from the free surfs, The O'Neill World Cup Of Surfing at Sunset Beach ran a round and a half of the mens, and finished up the womens event with some of the best female surfing I’ve ever seen. I can’t focus on one girl's performance because they were all surfing extremely well in their own smooth, feminine way. I know it’s a hot topic and I feel really gay to be adding to it, but I can’t believe that Alana Blanchard was wearing a thong in her heats at solid Sunset! I’m also dismayed that it didn’t rip off while she was getting caught inside or pounded on a wipe out! Daring is the word I’d describe her with.

It looks like the coming week will present more solid surf, and way more favorable conditions, so lets think positive and be thankful for that!—Flynn Novak for the Coconut Wireless