Code Red: The Full Movie

I feel very fortunate to have been in the channel when this “day of all days” went down. There was a feeling of electricity and fear in the air. More fear than electricity really. What really amazed me was how powerful the waves were. At times I thought the reef was going to crack in half due to the detonating sets. Miraculously, nobody died although there were a few serious injuries sustained by Keala Kennelly and Maya Gabiera--two of the most bad ass chicks ever. Here’s  15-minutes of fury from the most incredible day of surfing I’ve ever witnessed. Sit back and enjoy.--Justin Coté

Check out my Code Red video below, it’s pretty raw and shot with a point and shoot but you get the feeling what it was like to be in the channel that day…

“Code Red” Saturday, August 27th in Tahiti.