Cody Steele The Thoroughbred

It’s not uncommon for people to get bridges, rest stops, stadiums, monuments, or children named after them. As a horse-racing junkie it’s been a dream of mine to have a horse named after me¿something like Checkytariat or Lightning Checks. So while going through the race program for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Races this past summer, I couldn’t help but get jealous when I saw a two-year-old horse by the name of Cody Steele running in a race. How was it that one of our favorite surfers had a racehorse named after him? I mean, he’s a thoroughbred, but we never knew Cody was that popular. The horse was running for the first time, so the odds were fifteen to one, however, luckily for Cody, he had the world’s number-one jockey on his back¿Laffit Pincay, Jr.Jealous of Cody, I called him to find out how all this happened. According to him, his girlfriend’s mom’s fiancé (who owns the horse) “liked the way my name sounded, so they just named it after me.” Since Cody’s a lucky son of a gun, I immediately called my dad who works at the races and placed a two-dollar bet on Cody to win. When asked if he would bet on himself, Cody said, “Hell yeah!”But as racing goes, you never know what to expect, and Cody came in a respectable fourth place¿not good enough to make it out of a heat, but we’ll take it. According to Cody, the horse was eighth going into the last corner, but moved all the way up to fourth. “It was a short race, and he’s a long-distance runner,” says Cody. “Look for him to be a winner.”¿A.C.