Coffee Talk With Brian Toth

Puerto Rico’s Brian Toth is a damn-good surfer. In fact, there’s a lot of damn-good surfer’s from there. Guys like Brian, his brother Wes, and Dylan Graves are the next generation of juniors making a name for their homeland. Recently, TransWorld SURF went on a trip to Baja with the Rip Curl juniors and pulled Brian aside to give him grief about the big chain around his neck, girls, and his girlfriend. Here’s the results:

TransWorld SURF: How old are you?

Brian Toss: Nineteen.

Why do girls hate you so much?

I don’t know. They’re just scared of Puerto Ricans.



Because we’re in Mexico.

What’s with that big chain around your neck?

It’s a gift from a friend.

What friend?

Sean who lives in Daytona now.

How come girls aren’t giving you chains?

Girls don’t give me shit. The only good girl is my girlfriend. She’ll give me some stuff.

What kind of stuff?

No comment.

Do you miss Puerto Rico?

A little bit, but I’m not killing people to get back. So it’s pretty good.

You come from a surfing family—your mom, dad, and little brother. Is it cool to be able to surf with your family all the time?

Sometimes, yeah. I like to drop in on my dad. You try to drop in on him and he’ll just ram you with his f—kin’ nine footer.

How long has your family been in Puerto Rico?

A long time—more than twenty years. I think.

Who are the Puerto Rican super guys you look up to? Who’s your main Puerto Rican mentor?

I think the most focus that’s in Puerto Rico right now is Carlos Cabrero. Another good name is like Otto Flores. But the biggest one that has his mind set is Carlos. He doesn’t take any shit from anybody and just wants to be up there.

Do you like getting out of Puerto Rico and going on the surf trips?

Yeah, of course, you get to travel around, meet new people, and see how the whole trends, how the atmosphere is around the world. It’s a never-forgetting experience.

So we still haven’t figured out why girls hate you so much? Why is that?

Probably because I have a girl standing next to me.

[IMAGE 2]What about when you’re on the road? You know that area code rule, that international rule, does that stand with you?

What are you trying to get to Checky? (Laughs)

Are you done with Nationals now?

Yup, I’m done with the whole NSSA. No more going up to Florida for small waves.

So what are you going to do now?

Just travel around—go on trips, photo trips. Next year just fully focus on the QS. This year I’ve done two just to see how it is, but next year just go full on with the ‘QS—see if I can make it or not.

Are you sure your girlfriend likes you?

(Laughs). Yeah, I think she does.

How do you know?

I got faith in her.

Does she have faith in you?

Yeah, but not all the time. She gives me the shit sometimes. But she trusts in me and I trust in her so it’s all good. It’s all about the lovin’.