Community-Managed Eco-Fashion Line nvohk Set To Launch This June

Recruiting since December 4, 2007, nvohk (pronounced ‘invoke’) now boasts over 2,800 members worldwide, and the company will officially activate membership and launch its brand on June 5, 2008. Using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, and allowing its members to take the drivers seat in major business decisions, nvohk is prepared to challenge the way fashion brands are built and managed.

The limited edition nvohk co-founder t-shirt designed by Robb Havassy will be an exclusive offering to members as part of their first year membership package, and will kick off nvohk’s artist t-shirt series, with a new artist every year, to be included as part of nvohk’s annual member package each year.

In addition to their limited-edition t-shirt, members will receive an exclusive member sticker, and a “plant-a-tree” seed pack.

But that’s not all! Being a member of nvohk allows you to become an integral part of shaping the nvohk brand. For just $50 a year, members will make major business decisions including logo design, product design, advertising, etc. In addition to the exclusive member t-shirt, 35% of nvohk’s net profits will come back to its members in the form of reward points that can be redeemed to purchase products, and you also get 25% off of all nvohk products.

But the best part of the deal, especially for the environmentally conscious, is that nvohk will donate 10% of the net profits to environmental organizations selected by its members.

To learn more about nvohk or to become a member, please visit