“Mula” For Mulanovich At Tavarua

Peruvian wins the richest women's tournament ever.

In perfect four- to five-foot conditions at Cloudbreak on the island of Tavarua, Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich won the fourth annual Roxy Pro–the richest women's World Championship Tournament (WCT) ever. In the 35-minute final against Hawai'ian Rochelle Ballard, Mulanovich waited for one of the larger set waves on her opening ride and unleashed a fierce backhand attack for the Roxy Pro's only perfect ten-point score. “I'm in the clouds right now,” began Mulanovich, after being congratulated by fellow competitors and friends in the lineup. “Everything here is so beautiful and perfect, and I can't imagine being happier.”–Jesse Faen/

Official Roxy Pro results:

1. Sofia Mulanovich $10,600

2. Rochelle Ballard $6,600

=3. Maria Tavares $4,600

=3. Laurina McGrath $4,600

Can Anyone Beat Andy?

The WQS can't.

As of mid April, Andy Irons had an already strong lead going into the third event at Teahupo'o. And being Andy, chances are he won't have to qualify, let alone do any other qualifying contests the rest of the year. But this is Trestles. Lowers is an extremely fun, very competitive place for a contest, and it always brings a lot of competitors to California–even two-time world champions.

After five days of mediocre surf, the field had whittled down to Irons, Rob Machado, Tim Curran, and Tim Reyes in the final. In the choppy three- to five-foot surf, Irons battled with Machado for the lead, but with less than a minute remaining, Andy blew up a right for a 9.15 and an overall score of 18.15–the highest of the event. Irons was followed by Machado, Curran, and Reyes, respectively.

In the women's event, Julia Christian defeated eleven-year-old Carissa Moore–the youngest-ever finalist in a WQS event. Newport Beach's Erica Hosseini finished third and Kyla Langen fourth.

Results of the Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio Footwear, held April 20—24, at Lower Trestles:


1. Andy Irons $5,000

2. Rob Machado $2,500

3. Tim Curran $2,000

4. Tim Reyes $1,500


1. Julia Christian $2,000

2. Carissa Moore $900

3. Erica Hosseini $600

4. Kyla Langen $500


The Orange County team dominates the inaugural weekend of the National Surf League.

After what seems like years of planning and waiting, Brad Gerlach's brainchild, known as The Game, finally came to a reality. On a warm Huntington Beach weekend, April 30 to May 2, the Huntington Pier was the home field for an Orange County team that came out of the inaugural matches with an extra strong performance and a perfect record to match.

Simply put, The Game is a surf contest where eight individual scores are combined with tactics by teams from four geographic regions for an overall score. Where else would you see some of the most familiar surf names on jerseys ripping away for hometown pride? Names like Tom Curren, Tim Curran, and Dane Reynolds for Ventura; Ratboy, Flea, and Adam Replogle for Santa Cruz; Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, and Benji Weatherley for San Diego; and Tim Reyes, Chris Ward, and Pat O'Connell for Orange County.

In solid overhead surf, “The Hurley Game Weekend” began the first day with a matchup between Orange County and Santa Cruz. Mike Losness and Tim Reyes gave the team an early lead with high scores from O'Connell, Ward, Mike Hoisington, and Mike Todd, helping to finish off Northern California's finest with a 188.25 to 142 blowout victory.

Led by Curren and Curran the next day, the Ventura team came the closest to taking Oraange County out on Saturday. Tim Curran's 360 air reverse in the final minutes gave him a ten, but Ventura came up short 180.5 to 185.5.

On Sunday, San Diego was looking strong going into the second quarter, but long lulls between waves and poor usage of time-outs led to an underwhelming score of 28.75 and an uncatchable Orange County lead headed by Game MVP Mike Todd–Orange County won with a whopping score of 195.3 to San Diego's 167.3.