Cormican Wins Quiksilver King Of The Peak

As reported by Florida Today.


Aaron Cormican just returned from Japan for a surfing promotional tour with his sponsor, Lost Enterprises. Some of that “luck of the Orient” must have rubbed off on him.

The hard-charging, veteran aerialist from New Smyrna Beach won the jackpot in the 16th annual Quiksilver King of the Peak contest Monday at Sebastian Inlet, cashing in on $5,100 in prize money — including the bonus of 3,000 James Madison gold coins in a treasure chest — for two days of “work.”

“It ranks pretty far up there,” Cormican said. “Definitely one of my top five moments, surfing, videos, photo shoots, everything.”

He had been trying for eight years to win the coveted event, conceptualized by Quiksilver rider Kelly Slater, a former winner of the event and now a 10-time world champion.

Cormican, 31, is no stranger to Sebastian. As a former finalist at the Sebastian Inlet Pro, a World Qualifying Series event that attracted the world’s top pros, he dazzled the crowd with radical maneuvers in what is termed “Cormican’s Corner,” toward third peak.

Just last month, he won the inaugural Seven Tiki Rum contest in Jacksonville Beach, his first contest title of the year.

In the skins game format, each “skin” or heat win, is worth $200. Cormican reeled off five consecutive wins Sunday, then came through with two clutch performances Monday, when the order was reversed.