Corpo Kook Loses Mavericks Contest License

Grant "Twiggy" Baker at Mavericks. Photo:

Grant "Twiggy" Baker at Mavericks. Photo:

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Mavericks Surf Ventures loses out on permit to host big-wave contest

By Julia Scott – San Mateo County Times

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Call it a David and Goliath story with a twist.

A new organization calling itself the Half Moon Bay Surf Group Inc. won a permit to produce the world-renowned annual surf contest at Mavericks from the San Mateo County Harbor Commission on Wednesday night, but not without a dose of controversy.

The new group, which represents the 24 big-wave competitors, succeeded in its campaign to replace Mavericks Surf Ventures Inc. as the event producer after it poached the company’s main event sponsor, Barracuda Networks. Barracuda has made a three-year commitment to support the Half Moon Bay Surf Group, a coalition of surfers and local community members led by Katherine Clark Kelly, who is known as the matriarch of Mavericks. They have a new came for the contest: the “Maverick’s Invitational.”

The process has been stalled while the two groups fought over the event permit, and the result is that the permitted contest window will be smaller than ever this year, between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28.

Wednesday, Mavericks Surf Ventures CEO Keir Beidling surprised everyone by accusing the new group of stealing “trade secrets” and violating his company’s intellectual property rights. He said his company has trademarked the name “Mavericks Surf Contest,” which it uses in its successful apparel line.

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