Costa Azul

The Good Life: Mexican Style
Journal entries by Micah Byrne

Day One

Colonel Klopf was on time as usual with his 6:00 a.m. wake-up yell. The first day of the trip was also the first day of a flat spell. We woke up, checked the waves, and drank coffee. We tried to shoot at a beachbreak that sucked. That meant the food festival was on. Tons of lobster were boiled to make up for the lack of waves. The restaurant was five star, having the best food ever. We slayed tuna off the kayaks for three hours straight¿good workout.

Day Two

Commander Klopf was right on schedule again, this time with his mustache strategically placed on his upper lip. It was neatly primped as he began to scream out demands for us to check the waves promptly. It was a short session, marking the second day of the flat spell. The day was immediately pronounced, “Liver Day.” It ended with tons more lobster.

Day Three

Finally, there was some swell showing. We decided to take full advantage of the free ponga boat service, compliments of Costa Azul. On the way out, we caught the biggest school of fish bait ever. We slayed 30 ten-pound trivalli and one ten-pound red snapper¿as well as two sierra and a bonita in under three-and-a-half hours. Is that a record? Coming back with too many fish, we passed out eight to the boat driver and gave eight to local groms. The rest went to the Costa Azul Resort. We were instantly given hero status around the resort.

Day Four

Woke up to Captain Klopf’s alarm at 5:30 a.m.¿Led Zeppelin turned up all the way. The first day of real swell. We hit the ponga boat, arrived at our destination, and pulled up to a right-hander named Frijoles. It had a hint of Rincon in it with a dash of Lowers, plus warm water with no one out. We shot photos all day, and caught some more fish. This great day ended with more lobster dinners and tons of drinks.

Day Five

Just another day in paradise. We hit up Frijoles again. The boat captain drank all of our beer and passed out. Sergeant Klopf was snapping! He still managed to crank out nine rolls of film, though.

Day Six

Back to Frijoles once again, this time the waves had a stronger pulse. We decided to check a secret spot named Harry D’s with a little help from our tour guide. It was a great setup¿long rolling rights, not quite enough swell to be cranking, but lots of fun.

Day Seven

The swell dropped. A huge breakfast was followed by a little surf session at a rivermouth named Pescados. It was fiesta night at Costa Azul, which was the best thing of the whole trip. Corporal Klopf was taking tequila shots while wearing a barracho blanket and sombrero¿only to be sent to the confines of his room a few hours later. He was carried by his beautiful wife. The night ended with some upset stomachs mixed with broken bottles, shot glasses, and floor chowder.

Day Eight

On our last day, we had great lighting and fun waves at Pescados. There were insane little peaks close to the beach with tons of air sections, reminiscent of Newport¿only with rocks on the bottom. We grinded on lobster all day until the wee hours of the night. What a trip.