Costa Rica’s National Junior Surf Team Travels To The 2005 Quiksilver International Surfing Association’s World Junior Surfing Championships


Quiksilver, Robert August, Hacienda Pinilla, Freestyle, Gautay Sponsor Costa Rica Junior Surf Team As They Compete Against More Than 25 Teams And 250 Of The Best Junior Surfers From All Over The World

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA September 23, 2005 — Antonio Pilurzu, head of Costa Rica’s Federacion de Surf (FS), announced today that the Costa Rican Junior Surf Team will travel to the “Surf City USA” in Huntington Beach, California to compete in the 2005 Quiksilver International Surfing Association’s (ISA) World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC). The competition for the world junior surfing title takes place October 8-16, and is considered the Olympics of Junior Surfing in that young men and women 18 years and under will represent their respective countries as they vie for team and individual gold, silver, bronze and copper medals. Costa Rica will take to the waves against teams from Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Tahiti, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela The WSJC will be hosted by Surfing America, the national governing body for the sport of surfing in the United States

The final eight-man Junior team was selected last week by FS head coach Alvaro Solano-a Circuito Nacional de Surf, CNS, National Champion for both 2004 and 2005-after an extensive pre-selection process which spanned more than three months, starting with the 20 top CNS-ranked surfers in the Junior, Boys, and Grommet categories and additional athletes that showed outstanding performance despite a lower ranking due to missed tournaments. After three training camps in June, July, and September, and Solano’s recommendations to the FS Board, the Costa Rican Junior Surf Team members are:

Juniors (under 18 years of age): Juan Carlos Naranjo from Jaco, Isaac Vega Leal from Tamarindo, Ronald Brown from Puerto Viejo, and Juan de Jesus Calderon Diaz from Jaco.

Boys (under 16 year of age): Nikola Rohlaw Mora from Playa Carillo, Ariel Jesus Aguerro Barboza from Quepos, Jairo Yohan Perez Quiros from Jaco, and Derek Guitierrez Castro from Quepos.

In the preparation for the big event, Coach Solano has put the team through a strenuous physical endurance training program and emphasized the timing of the “ride” of the wave in relation to the wave itself. Solano also stresses the importance of precision in the “ride” especially in critical moments. About Huntington, Solano said, “I feel very positive about the team. The boys are very talented and have prepared themselves well. One factor that will be a challenge is the temperature of the water. We will need to use wetsuits because the water is very cold, but we have been practicing with these so as to be the most prepared that we can.”

The team, along with Coach Solano and two chaperones will depart for California on October 4, 2005 from the American Airlines terminal at the Juan Santa Maria International Airport in San Jose.

A press conference will be held in the main living room of Insituto Costarricense del Deporte, ICODER, located en the Nacional Gymnasium of La Sabana on October 3 at 2pm. The National Director of Sports, Delia Villalobos, will present the young team with the flag of Costa Rica which they will carry in the WJSC’s opening ceremonies which include both the “Parade of Nations” and the “Sands of the World.” ALL PRESS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND. The “Parade of Nations,” will send each country’s team down the Huntington Beach pier and through the contest area with their nations’ flags, leading into the “Sands of the World” ceremony, where they will pour sand carried from their respective international beaches into a large acrylic box. The sand of all nations will then be combined in a ceremonious display of unity and brotherhood. Opening ceremonies will begin Saturday, October 8 at 2:00 p.m. near the Huntingtonn Beach Pier. Competition will begin Sunday, October 9 at 8:00 a.m.

According to 17-year-old Isaac Vega, who with his mother’s support is traveling to the United States for the very first time, “I am very excited and honored to represent Costa Rica and Tamarindo. It is a good opportunity for me to compete and one of the steps to get my surfing level higher. My goal is to win, and to represent my team and our country well all the way to the end of the contest.”

Antonio Pilurzu, FS president, has been tirelessly fundraising and sending national teams to international competitions for the last five years, the first being in Puerto Rico, followed by the 2003 Pan American Games where Costa Rica’s Open team placed an impressive 3rd place among 25 other countries. Last year the CNS sent an Open team to Ecuador for ISA’s 2004 World Surfing Championships where they placed 9th and a Junior team to Tahiti for the 2004 Quicksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.

“Last year in Tahiti was like a harsh cold shower for our boys, some of whom had never flown on an airplane before,” recalls Pilurzu. “Most had not done any international contests and the whole experience was at times overwhelming. It is for this reason that it is so important we go to Huntington more prepared as a team, with a few boys returning. And, our coach Alvaro will be with them to provide lots of psychological support.”

The FS and CNS are currently in the height of their fundraising season. According to key CNS organizer and director of Surfos Magazine “Kiki” Christophe Commarieu, “It is becoming more and more difficult to raise the necessary money in order to send these teams abroad. The great news is that our organization is growing and therefore providing more services to the surfing youth of the country. But now we really need the support for these kids to grow with us.”

Thanks to the last minute rally of some generous sponsors, the CNS is able to send this Costa Rican Junior Team to Huntington next month. Hacienda Pinilla committed to being a CNS sponsor; Quiksilver is donating wetsuits and towels to the boys; Freestyle is contributing a watch for each competitor, and a special Freestyle backpack with each contestant’s name and an emblem of the Costa Rican flag; legendary surfer Robert August is helping with some plane tickets, and Gautay is creating CNS baseball caps and polo t-shirts for the team to wear to the celebratory ceremonies.

Costa Rica’s Federación de Surf is the governing body for surfing in Costa Rica and is recognized by ISA, ASP, and ALAS. The Circuito Nacional de Surf is a non-profit subsidiary of the FS and is made up of group of 7 professionals who donate their efforts out of passion for the sport and a desire to advance the sport of surfing in Costa Rica. The CNS is a series of 7 tournaments hosted each year within Costa Rica which provide the only yearly national surf rankings available. For more information about this event and Costa Rica’s Federacion de Surf and the Circuito Nacional de Surf visit or call 810-1493.