Cote’s Cube: Alaia Sliding With Chris Del Moro

In the spirit of “Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It” TransWorld SURF’s Chris and Justin Cote meet up with renowned Alaia slider and all-around shredder Chris Del Moro at Seaside Reef to see what all the Alaia-based fuss is about.

My thoughts? It’s kinda like a cross between bodysurfing and skimboarding. The future of our sport? No. Fun and good exercise? Yes. But hey, judge for yourself and leave a comment below!—Justin Cote

Penis Plank Test
A few weeks ago, I wrote a rant about another magazine calling Alaia boards the board of the future, and saying that the guy who shapes them is the shaper of the year—which I thought was pretty ridiculous, and I still think so. A few days after writing off these penis planks, I saw Rob Machado in the parking lot at Seaside, he had just come in from slide session on his Alaia board, so I laughed and told him I just wrote an article making fun of those boards. He asked me if I had tried one, I said no, he said I should try it before I make fun of it. I'm sure he was thinking I couldn't ride one. So I thought about it, and in order to truly ridicule something, you have to be able to do it. So I went and borrowed an Alaia board, ripped it, and now I can make fun of it as much as I want. In the end, penis planks are pretty fun, and my friend and true ripper Chris Del Moro was laughing right along with me at the strangeness of the boards, but at the same time singing the praises of the speed and flow they provide. It's fun to make fun of things like Alaia's and SUP boards, but it's also fun to ride them, am I a hypocrite? Yes. Do I like to make fun of things? Yes. Do I do dumb things in the name of fun? Yes
Rip on rippers.—Chris Cote

Edited by Carl Steindler, music from Morning Of The Earth of course…