Cote’s Cube: Did Josh Sleigh Pull A Kickflip?

This week on Cote’s Cube, Josh Sleigh brings in photographic proof of his recently completed kickflip. The only roadblock to him winning the Volcom Kickflip Off and the ensuing $10,000? No video proof. Did Sleigh get fingered? You tell us! My opinion is that while he did a full on kickflip (and has the scars to prove his many attempts in the past), Sleigh would have won the money had he rode it out and into the flats—and caught it on video. Either way, it’s guys like Josh Sleigh who are constantly pushing the aerial envelope and he deserves some props…and a sponsor!

Check the photos (below) of the kick flip while you’re here, and make sure to enter the Nike 6.0 giveaway from Cote’s Cube!

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