Cote’s Cube: Did Josh Sleigh Pull A Kickflip?

This week on Cote’s Cube, Josh Sleigh brings in photographic proof of his recently completed kickflip. The only roadblock to him winning the Volcom Kickflip Off and the ensuing $10,000? No video proof. Did Sleigh get fingered? You tell us! My opinion is that while he did a full on kickflip (and has the scars to prove his many attempts in the past), Sleigh would have won the money had he rode it out and into the flats--and caught it on video. Either way, it’s guys like Josh Sleigh who are constantly pushing the aerial envelope and he deserves some props…and a sponsor!

Check the photos (below) of the kick flip while you’re here, and make sure to enter the Nike 6.0 giveaway from Cote’s Cube!

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