Cote’s Cube: Rusty’s Redline

It’s product week on Cote’s Cube as TransWorld SURF Editor In Chief Chris Cote test rips a new “Redline” from Rusty Surfboards as well as a new flavor from Red Bull, and an Ace Buchan traction pad. Music courtesy of Nihilist.

To quote Rusty on the new board (and clear up some of Chris’ mis-quotes):

“It's got an EPS core, and high density sheet foam outer skin. It's glassed with epoxy resin. Can't give you much more detail on the construction or I'd have to…..The thing we are most excited about is that these are custom composites. If you liked almost everything about the board but wanted to change something like tail shape, thickness, width, a little more or less rocker, etc., we can do all that. Also, we do something a little different with the high density foam skin that allows the board to flex.
We can customize that too.
We can add or take away a little lettuce and tomato to change the sandwich to your liking.
Molded boards tend to be stiff, no flex.
EPS/Epoxy hand built tends to be a little twitchy and nervous for some peoples taste.
PU/PE is a lot quieter than the EPS/Epoxy and, if you know somebody, you can get them real light but usually they have a short lifespan.
Our goal with the Reflex custom composite is to give the rider a light, durable board with dynamic flex on a custom basis.”