Crank Call: Cody Steele Part II

Crank Call: Cody Steele
“Got Milk, Dude?” Part Two

Once again, with the help of Virginia Tucker from the California Milk Advisory Board, we bring you the second installment of the “Got Milk, Dude?” crank call to Cody Steele.It’s bad enough Cody didn’t get to be in the ad campaign, but we had him send us some rather, umm … nice portraits to top this prank off. Thanks to a Surfer magazine photographer, we now have some priceless head, chest, and full-body shots of Cody. He’s lucky we didn’t shoot photos of milk being poured on his head!


Cody: Hello?In a southern accent Hi! May I please speak to Cody?
Yeah, this is Cody.

Hi, Cody. This is Virginia Tucker.Hi, Virginia! How are you doing?

I’m good. How are you?

Were you able to get those portrait photos for us?
Umm … not yet. The photographer’s supposed to be back today, so …

Okay. Well, I’m going to give you an address where you can send those photos to us. Are you ready?
Yeah. Go ahead.

It’s Wilshire Communications … you need to make it “care of” Bobbie Patterson, okay?
That’s P-A-T-T-E-R-S-O-N. It’s Bobbie with an “IE.”Bobbie Patterson. P-A-T-T-E-R-S-O-N. Okay.

Now, Bobbie’s working with us, so she’s going to call me when she gets your portraits. Then I’ll call you after we approve them. Make sure you get head shots, chest shots, full-body-all the things we previously talked about, okay?
Do you need close-ups of the chest-basically, whatever you guys want?

Well, if you have time to mix it up. You know, just do a few different poses. A good variety would be great.Okay. All right, greeaat.

We’ll be giving you a callback after we get those photos from you.All right! Thanks!

Talk to you soon, Cody.Okay, bye.