Crank Call: Cody Steele

Crank Call: Cody Steele

With a little help from Virginia Tucker of the California Milk Advisory board, we duped Cody Steele into believing he was the next star of the “Got Milk?” ad campaign. We may just set him up and try to get him in the tub of milk. He was so excited about being in the ad, this may be continued next month. Hey, Cody¿”Got milk, dude?”

[IMAGE 1]Cody: Hello?
In a southern accent Hi! Is Cody there?
Yeah. This is him.

Hi, Cody! This is Virginia Tucker. I’m calling from the California Milk Advisory board. How are you doing today?
Good. How are you doing?

Great. The reason I’m calling you is because we’re doing a new ad campaign and we’re trying to spotlight the young extreme-sports personalities like yourself. We’re considering using you in an upcoming advertisement. How’s that sound to you?
Sounds good!

Okay. Let me tell you a little bit about it. Well, we’re going to need head shots of you, some chest shots¿preferably some full-body shots. The shots don’t have to be professional¿we just want to see what you’re shaped like. What we’ll be doing is filling a pool full of milk and we’ll have you out on your surfboard in it. Then we’ll have this huge wave of milk come and tube … is that what you guys call it?
Yeah laughs.

Okay. Well, this huge wave of milk will tube over you. Then the catchphrase at the bottom will say, “Got milk, dude?
” We’re hoping to hit the surf market with a bang. Do you think it’s going to work?
Yes, definitely!

Is this something you’d consider doing?
Yeah, for sure. What should I do?
Get some head shots?

Yes. Do you have somebody to take pictures of you?
I could definitely find somebody. How should I get back in touch with you?

Actually, I’m going on the road for a few days. I’ll contact you hopefully by next week.And your name is?

My name is Virginia.
Greeeaatt. Thanks a lot, Virginia.

Thank you.
No problem.