Crank Call How to get a kid in trouble – Che Stang

How To Get A Kid In Trouble
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Che Stang is a senior at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California. I called his vice principal to tell her about the way Che was treating me at a local beach one day. Here’s how it all went down:

Vice Principal Stanchi: Hello?

Cote: Yes, hello! I’m calling to make a little complaint about one of your students.

Okay. With whom am I speaking?

This is Joe … pause Joe Namkin. I actually live here in Carlsbad.

Joe Mankin?

Yeah. Look, I’m actually calling because there’re a couple of kids who surf down at the beach, and today one of them was very mean to me out in the water¿he sprayed water all up on my face and laughed when I fell off my board! I think his name was like Che Stang, or something.

All right.[IMAGE 2]Well, he was dropping in on me, and like I said, he sprayed me! Quiet sobbing It’s just that I’m not that good¿I’m sorry.

It’s okay.

I’m not trying to get the little guy in trouble, it’s just that he also laughed at me when I fell down off my board.

Well, I’ll certainly let the surf coach know.

Oh, god! I don’t want to get him in trouble!

Did this happen during surf P.E.?

Well, I was out there minding my own business on my big, pink longboard.

Was it this morning?

Well, yeah! It wasn’t like he was being mean, he was just like … well, he’s really good, and I think he wanted me to know that.

I’ll definitely let the surf coach know.

Yes, thanks. I just want to be able to sit out there in my Speedos and have fun, you know?

Okay, thank you. Take care. We’ll handle this.[IMAGE 3]Che Stang is a standout surfer in any situation. We don’t know if he got busted or not, but I’m sure his surf coach will have a nice talk with him. Good luck, Che. And be kind to strangers.