Crank Call: Timmy Reyes


Surf Salsa is so awesome.


(Ring … ring).


Hi, may I please speak with Tim Reyes?

Yeah, this is him.

Hi, Tim. This is Nancy Cartwright from the 29th Street Advertising Agency. I just got your name and number from Rick Petri at O'Neill. We have a new product we're marketing–we're releasing it this spring, and he said you'd be perfect to help us with the campaign.

What's going on?

It's called Surf Salsa, it's a spin-off of the other salsas and snacks that we've been doing. We'll be running these ads on Fox Sports Rush Hour and late-night MTV.

Oh, cool.

What we would want you to do is surf on a wave, catch the wave into the beach, then jump off your board, run up the beach to where a group of cute girls are having a picnic. We'll have the chips on the table and everything. You just take a chip out of the bowl, take a bite of the salsa, look into the camera, and say, “Surf Salsa is so awesome.” That's your only line. You put on a pair of sunglasses, sit down, and hang out with the girls. We have a cool band coming down to do a theme song for us. It goes, “Surf Salsa, it's totally cool.” Anyway, the commercial is going to pay really well.


That would be rad.

You'd be into that?

Yeah, for sure. When are you thinking about doing it?

Probably within the next month. We want to get this thing taped soon. Do you have any acting experience at all?

Not really, but I could do it for sure. I've been on television a couple of times. I've done some things on the news.

Okay, so have you actually been acting or was that an on-screen interview?

I've done a few on-screen interviews.

Do you get nervous?

I get a little nervous, just because it's live, and you can't really goof up–but I can do it. That would be cool.

Really quick, just so I can tell my production team that everything's okay, would you mind practicing the line? The line is, “Surf Salsa is so awesome.”

Surf Salsa?

Surf Salsa.

Surf Sal … (laughs) . What is it? I can't really … my cell phone sucks.

The line is “Surf Salsa is so awesome.”

Surf Salsa is so awesome.


I can't really do it right now. I'm driving, too. I really want to do it for sure.

Great. I'll be giving you a call in the next week or so. We'll do a screen test, and it'll take less than a day.

That'd be cool. That would be really fun. What do you do?

I'm the coordinator. I coordinate and style. I'll be on the set, so I'll meet you there. I take care of all the little details.

Thank you so much. I mean I'd love to do it. So sometime before February fifth?



That would be cool. I have Rick Petri's number, so I'll give him a call and see what he's doing.

Tell him thank you so much for recommending you. He said this would be really good for you to get some exposure.

For sure, I need some. I just got a couple more sponsors, so they'll probably be happy.

Yeah, definitely. You can tell them all.

All right. Call me back real soon 'cause I don't really have your number yet.

I'll talk to our crew, set things up, and call you back with the details.

Thank you. Talk to you soon.