Creative Destruction… A Life Unlike Your’s


GOLD COAST, 3 June 2010: The opening scene in a surf film project and online series that puts the audience in the director's chair to control the outcome and direction of each chapter is premiering online now.

Creative Destruction … a life unlike yours, a project directed and produced by Jake Donlen and Australian freesurfer Wade Goodall and presented by Billabong, is a unique collaboration between the filmmakers and their audience.

The premise of the story has been captured in a 25-minute opening chapter that sets the scene for the audience to get involved and control the ultimate direction of subsequent chapters.

The first two chapters have been filmed, meaning the audience vote will determine the series outcome from the third chapter.

Each chapter will then be filmed and edited and will premiere around a month later on the Creative Destruction website, at which time the audience will again vote on the next chapter.

It is anticipated the series will contain at least 10 chapters.

At the close of the series a film will be made showing the final trip.

"We have the central character, a goal, a style and a starting point for the project, but from there we are in the hands of the online audience," said Donlen.

"We're prepared to hit the road, the air and the water to get us to the next shoot and it's up to the audience to tell us the where's, when's, what's, how's and who's. We'll give them two choices each time and both of those choices will have vastly different outcomes and reflect the contrasts of the film's title.

"That is the message in the film's title, Creative Destruction. It is a metaphor for all of the contrasts in our lives."

The launch episode sees Goodall and good friend Sterling Spencer head to Costa Rica to surf and hang out with Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammett and bass guitarist Robert Trujillo (check out that episode here).

From there they travelled on to the inspirational refuge for disadvantaged children at Tapachula in Mexico, which will be featured in chapter two.

An online poll will be used to decide what the Creative Destruction team does next, with the options changing for each chapter.

By voting online, viewers also get the opportunity to win 'a life unlike yours' and play a role in the film's finale.

"The website will give viewers the opportunity to submit something they have created," said Donlen.

"After months of the viewer deciding Wade's next move, Wade will then turn the tables and choose one viewer he wants onboard the final leg of Creative Destruction.

"Submissions can be anything from a video, a drawing, a song, a board they shaped themselves … anything at all. Wade put it best when he said ‘as long as it's creative’."

Creative Destruction is an original concept from Jake Donlen's Runamuk Visuals production studio and creative design hub on Australia's Sunshine Coast (