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The edit is nearing completion. We wait for the final music clearances of what may be the best soundtrack of Creative Destruction. My ears are loving every beat, every strum, everything.

The Burningman chapter (one we should not speak of anymore as we may be hunt down, buried and burnt by the Witches and wizards of the Playa) was weird… Chapter 5 is weirder, but in a way that I think you may enjoy.

The places we went and the people we met in Europe were amazing—it was one of the best trips of the project. The rain and wind threw buckets at us but as the clouds cleared and mother nature shone down on us everything aligned.

I cant write any more, I make no sense, but these images do.

Wade's free skull. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Wade's free skull. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

I haven’t spent a lot of time in the woods. I grew up with a gully next to my house that was fun for the odd imagination adventure, but apart from that I haven’t put in much time. I’ve always wondered though, what could be going on deep in those trees that I’m missing out on. Are the forest creatures having tea parties on old stumps? Is Tarzan throwing parties with a keg and vine swing? Is there a secret lumberjack flanno stall selling color combos that I couldn’t even dream of? I had so many questions but never went looking. When the chance came along the other day to explore some woods in southern France I said what the hell maybe I’ll get some answers.

I didn’t go deep, I didn’t stay long. I took some photos and climbed a few trees but my wildest dreams seemed to be just that… Dreams. Until… I found it. A perfect deer skull complete with two wicked horns and a full grill of teeth. What are the chances. I’ve been hunting down a skull in good condition for a wall mount for ages. All the antique and treasure shops I looked in were way too overpriced. I finally got one. And for free…….

I just wish I could take it home. Damn customs. I plan to dry it out over the next year and treat it properly the next time I return to France with hydrogen peroxide. When it is properly clean and legit to travel I will take it home. Proud.

I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me.—Wade Goodall



Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Photo: Duncan Macfarlane


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Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Photo: Duncan Macfarlane


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