Creatures Of Leisure Autograph Session At Surf N Sea Goes Off

Creatures of Leisure autograph session went down at Surf n Sea. Great turnout. Those who were in attendance were in awe! I witnessed the conversation between my manager and a customer that came out of the store: Manager “Are you stoked?” Customer after a brief pause and a big breath responded: “This is awesome! You guys are great! This was so cool.”

The Creatures Crew: Dusty Payne, Alex Smith, Koa Smith, Taj Burrow, World Champ Steph Gilmore, and ’07 World Champ Mick Fanning.

Everybody who experienced the signing was, as an Aussie would put it, “Over the moon!” One of the SnS staff has had a crush on Taj Burrow since age 9. I think Taj made all her dreams come true with a peck on the cheek. Thanks Taj. Surf N Sea was super stoked we had world class, World Champion surfers taking time out of their day to sign a few autographs, take a few photos and just be true ambassidors of the greatest sport around. Thanks a bunch to Mick, Taj, Dusty, Steph, Koa, and Alex. -Aloha, Jay Vieira